Friday, October 29, 2004

It's In the Wrist ,Workshop Poem (What's that Sound Workshop)

DreamsbyDay: She popped her gum again and stared
DreamsbyDay: wide eyed wonder at my incompetence
DreamsbyDay: "something as simple as this should be natural"
DreamsbyDay: she huffed, pivoting on one foot,
DreamsbyDay: and walking off with a "hrumph."..
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Left shamefully , while giggles drifted round me
DreamsbyDay: tiny bubbled laughs of hideous gaseous hate
DreamsbyDay: one or two of them turned back to glare at me
DreamsbyDay: as they dragged their ropes behind them, gently
DreamsbyDay: swooshing across the ground..
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: across the playground now ,the thumping
DreamsbyDay: the infectious laughter ,the incessent jumping and
DreamsbyDay: clacking of their heels on cement...
DreamsbyDay: my shoulders dropped , my eyes down cast
DreamsbyDay: I slump away ,while her advice replays...
DreamsbyDay: "it's all in the wrist"...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: "damn" , I think...
DreamsbyDay: "and what do I do with my FEET?"
DreamsbyDay: .


Comment....I never ever could jump double dutch...