Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rest Easy



 Rest Easy              (tag poem unedited)

  Work weary and teary eyed, waiting 
for the big break, a slow day, some pay back 
Afraid to  love without hesitating
Tensed and always prepared for the attack... 

Strangling on the words that might do magic
when all else, including prayers have failed.
eighing misery against the tragic-
feeling guilty once  self pity's sailed.

  Karmic incantations make me wary
going round takes years before returning.
reams go up in smoke in easy flurries;
hearts ache before heads have lost  their yearning. 

Rest is for the innocent and carefree
able to close  down and hear their  sighs- 
ot a task so simple for the likes of me...
nightmares wait upon my closing eyes.

So please rest easy when  you have the chance
take your reverie while yet you may,
life is incident and circumstance
tomorrow  rests on easy yesterdays.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kiss of Bloody Sky

tag poem unedited

Kiss of Bloody Sky


 Wish on the darkest star-
if you dare you can delve very deep
and discover the blackest of galaxies
in the heart of the blackest of holes.
Hold your heart in your hands
swallow fast all your gasps
 there 's no god here to protect you
you're outside of heavens grasp...
 Breathe deep as you tumble away
in directions you cannot reveal
No one tells of excursions like this
No one really believes it is real.
 When the free fall is finished ,you'll find
 that your wish has been granted full well-
 and the kiss of the bloody red sky
 told you more than you hoped it would tell.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Escape the Night

(tag poem, unedited)


 Escape the Night

 Innocence and pretense
 false and true
 shaded eyes , moons disguise
 Moonbeams and drama queens
 shining in the lights
 whispers lost among the screams
 Innuendos and crescendos
 quiet and intense
 waking hopes and nightmares grow
 Daybreak and twilight
 escaping the night 
 dreaming in sunshine..