Sunday, May 22, 2011

I'll take mine black

I'll take mine black

Bloody oceans
blackened skies
visions of this
earth’s demise

a prophecy
a hoax, a joke?
a mirror trick
complete with smoke?

Repent to live
ignore- and die!
Salvation looms-
don’t question why.

The terror comes
on hooves, on wings
the texts foretold
so many things.

so let it end
this world of pain!
a chance anew
to start again!

clean up the mess
wash out the old
let sea boats launch
as oceans fold.

tomorrow comes
if it should choose,
the sun might rise,
if it’s amused.

my coffee brews
if time goes on.
it’s set to go
if we’re not gone.

rituals die
should the world end
and so will I
but until then...

it's first things first
for every being
so if we’re here?...
sugar, no cream.

Friday, May 20, 2011



The road to hell , it's said, is paved in gold;
in good intentions meant to satisfy
our need to feel we've standards to uphold,
our need to own rewards before we die. . .

If heaven is salvation, then is hell

the sinners destination of appeal?
If goodness for it's sake, is hard to sell-
entitled hypocrites can't know what's real.
. .

True deviation from the path is all

a portrait of the mind that plans the trip.
Insanity is it's own best recall.
Feigned justice is a judges chance to slip.
. .

Who ever makes the judgment stands to burn;

subjective truth is heavens lot to spurn.

©Denise~Marie Fisher/ Dreamsbyday April 2009
This poem was written in an online poetry room, improvisation-ally.
Punctuation has been added.