Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Disenchanted Heart

      (tag poem, edited)

    The showers capture everything they touch 
drop by drop they wash away the traces
of tears wept in memory of  embraces,
aching, lingering long, erasing trusts...
The lyrics  are dismembered from their  song.
    The scents of roses missing from their blooms
he echo of your name pervades the room.. 
The heartcan only bear it ,for so long...

    Winds wait outside the window wooing  words
 trusted to your lips, conveying love
words preying on what I was dreaming of..
the sweetest  poem, my heart had never heard...
This disenchanted  heart  now hears no sound
except these raindrops...falling, on the ground.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


 Secret                                 (tag poem, edited)

  Such sadness in those eyes
  so serious, so solemn
  As if a secret waited
  that would escape as a tear...

  One solitary sigh
  escapes  and breathes, so softly.
  The warmth of an errant word
  you dare not whisper aloud.
  Shackled by  that promise
  spoken  hastily  to please;
  swarming in the wrecklessness
  of a well intentioned deed...
  Silent words mouthed, barely
  to a pale unhearing sky-
  sweet release, from agony
  of an aching, bursting heart.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Losing My Soul

a workshop poem, where in the last word of the previous line is the first word of the next:

  (tag poem, unedited)

Bellexmas: All chat to IM here's Denise telling of Losing My Soul
Bellexmas: ~~~
Bellexmas: ~~
Bellexmas: ~
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Soul of Insanity, you trip over lies
DreamsbyDay: Lies meant to satisfy, Lies meant to trick.
DreamsbyDay: Trick me today yes, but not tomorrow...
DreamsbyDay: Tomorrow I'll be wiser, than the fool you see...
DreamsbyDay: See though the fog of  mind of confusion.
DreamsbyDay: Confusion is power to someone like you.
DreamsbyDay: You take the joy out of  loving and giving
DreamsbyDay: Giving  myself to you , cost me , my soul.