Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All On Tape

All On Tape

It's there, if we dare to unwind it- sublime truths,
hidden motives, peeking through the frames
of memories we're afraid to claim as real.
Conspiracies whispering too softly to be understood,
silenced moans too awfully frightening to be believed.
Pretending normalcy . Hypocrisy spawns lunacy. Blame placed,
Damage done. Graves deep. The secret will keep.
Numb, deaf and dumb, and mostly blind,
we climb down, dashed, our sanity smashed into dust.

The facts will turn to mist with time, in twisted fashion.
Uncontrolled passions, squelched and crushed,
turned fables that refuse to rhyme and sing.
Ringing in time as the bay buoys steel,
revealing senseless sensibility and recycled honor.
Worries evolving -untouchable as screams
crushed by the lack of our own self esteem .
Senseless fears. Voluminous tears. Languishing theories.
History weeps, and fear creeps in.

Vapors choking our breath. Lies too thick to detect.
Washed clean with explanations of Infidel nations.
Politics, Activists and Lunatics, converging
with no sense emerging, as the fires smolder.
The upper echelon casts its spell. The myths dispell, we're
mesmerized... and desensitized. Force fed
to finally surmise- it's terror unleashed.
The tapes, the truth, will keep.

2010 Tag poem, edited , topic by Budsilver, written in Poetry Tag Group