Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Household of Storms

Household  of Storms
(tag poem , unedited)

DreamsbyDay: .Household  of Storms
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Below the surface,something , seething.,
DreamsbyDay: waits to penetrate the seeming calm
DreamsbyDay: Insidiously , patient- biding time
DreamsbyDay: as if, for it ,  the clock did not apply
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: The smiles and forced respectful words  remain
DreamsbyDay: while stagnant  air and attitides collide
DreamsbyDay: the sweaty scent as  nervous laughter fades
DreamsbyDay: and near eruptions  forced back down inside
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Tip toe and whisper as the days turn cold
DreamsbyDay: despite the heat that bubbles in the blood
DreamsbyDay: existence so surreal as to be bold
DreamsbyDay: dams of pain for holding  feelings flood...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: We gather  and we pray  over our food...
DreamsbyDay: pretending that we function in this mood

Somewhere In The Summer Wind

  Somewhere in the Summer Wind
  ( tag poem, unedited)

DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Somewhere in the summer wind, it's drifting
DreamsbyDay: Past the places I once called my own
DreamsbyDay: Down forgotten paths now overgrown
DreamsbyDay: towards  the shoreline where the fog is lifting
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Some where  in the middle of a daydream
DreamsbyDay: I can hear the calling of the gulls
DreamsbyDay: I can feel the ocean as it lulls
DreamsbyDay: To that place that hovers "in between"
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Somewhere in the distance is tomorrow
DreamsbyDay: Looming like a lazy august sun
DreamsbyDay: beckoning  all that I should become
DreamsbyDay: When I can release this harbored sorrow
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Somewhere in the  summer wind, my tears dry
DreamsbyDay: Some where and someday , I'll say "goodbye"