Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hurry Up and do it NOW!


APoetWithin: Topic:  Hurry up and do it NOW!

DreamsbyDay: Hurry up, and do it now
before I take the time to think
Before I realize your smile
speaks ill of your intentions.
Charge right in and take control
don't give me time to pause and muse
Don't let me peel the layers back
and smell the parts I'd rather not..
Take the reigns and ride that wave
infatuation's fanatsy
will carry you for quite a while
before reality seeps in
Go ahead and break my heart-
Some how the pain helps me to know
I'm still a creature of desire
Until I burn in passions fire.
DreamsbyDay: end

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Trio of Poems

Three poems written the night of 10.8.04 in a Poetry Tag Group room



 Memories Passed  (extended Haiku)

 Was it ever Spring?
he petals opened and fell
before I noticed.
Did you say goodbye?
I turned around to kiss you
 and inhaled your scent.
Was yesterday here
while I lingered in the past
 musing tomorrows?



Absolute Silence  (free verse)

 Nothing  you said actually made sense
the language was familiar and the tone unabrasive

 yet it slid past me,
like a lazy breeze  on a perfect  day...
 My hearing is fine, my cognitive skills are normal...
something else is wrong....or, maybe not...

 Occurs to me.....In the house around  the corner 
    they play acid rock all day, which I dislike, and so.... I tune it out
It's a survival skill.
et some times  I wonder if the lyrics aren't embedded, somewhere deep,
 etched in my brain,
waiting to scream out at any unsuspecting person,
 who should unluckily annoy me...

 Once ,long ago I read   that Mozart has a certain effect,
     on sleeping patterns, creativity and studying ability, 
I can believe this.
God only knows ,the moment you speak, I'm in a trance.
  If I listened, to what  you actually said, I'd gag..
So I suppose, I actually don't hear you .
  My defenses are well honed....

  Yes, I'm a survivior ....without an island...
      no competition,
and absolutley no million dollar prize.
 And that's fine.
 We sink, or swim.
I drown out your  din, and a world of disorder, hoping it doesn't seep in...
I concentrate on what matters most, and try to listen
 to the 
absolute silence of my soul.



   My Hearts Done Time

      Looks deceive and
      innocence is lost
      despite shining eyes.
      Pain can exist
      despite soothing climes ..
Lust is not always affliction.
Tears can scar
in  hidden places.
      Eyes will never see
the aching  traces . 
oves' ecstasy 
sears into the veins
      and trust, is  left lurking afar...

      Watch your step.
      Don't follow shallow 
      prints along my spine
y backs not broken but
      my hearts done time
I'm working on a barefoot grin
      and beginning again.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Remember Your Chains

tag poem,unedited

Remember Your Chains

Treading water is  a tiresome chore
So much easier to head for shore
Bask in the sands
take in the sun
relax and rest until day is done.

Running in place, is a futile task
getting no where- no where, fast
makes weary minds
makes broken spirit
We run from truth, because we fear it...
Weighing you down , remember your chains
they give you your reasons to complain
excuses to fail
reasons to fall
misery loves company after all...
Burdensare life, freedom is lies
heaven is hell, and faith just denies
the truth in the pain
the pain in the trust
no answers at all, no judgement seems just.
Trudge on along and pretend you don't care
keep running in place
you're almost there.