Thursday, April 28, 2005

Spiderweb Nightmares

tag poem, unedited


       Spider Web NightMares


Oh what tangled  web we weave
of misbegotten make believe
images tossed in a mental sieve
colliding in mayhem in our dreams....
        Silken strands of senseless feeling
meant to tease and seem appealing
 whirling, breaking, aching, reeling
 pieces of life we try concealing
         Wake me before I die inside
this nightmare  brain where fear resides
 memories break and hopes divide
 here in this demon infested side...
         Oh what a daybreak is the dawn
 when we escape the devils spawn!
 Under my power all along
 no recollection, the pains too strong...
      So stings the pain of the spiderous dream
      in a land where nothing's as it seems...