Friday, August 5, 2011

Tangled Web

Tangled Web

Oh what a tortured road we tread
when first we realize we’ve been lead
like cattle to a dried out well
with nothing but despair to tell.

Ah but the wonder of the lies
that lead us to this treacherous guise
convincing us we’re bright and strong
when everywhere the signs, are wrong.

Lo and behold the skies turn cold
the sun shrinks back, the world turns old.
Our souls search for the sanctity
of accustomed prosperity.

Limbs entrapped as we squirm and writhe…
only the treacherous survive.


Look Hard before You Speak

Look Hard before You Speak

In the quiet of his workroom,
he half smiles
a certain satisfied grin.
Wiping the table carefully,
he notices
a scratch in the clean surface.

As a boy, his Grandfather had
mentored him
‘measure twice, and cut, only once’

Reaching for some polishing oil
he mumbles
“a job worth doing…well done…”

A voice disrupts his focus,
he fumbles
dropping his cloth and muttering.

He absorbs the tone, then the words.
He breathes in,
wipes his hands and flips off the light.

Best not to let her wait upon him,
he's aware
that argument would just waste words.

©Denise-Marie Fisher 8.4.2011