Monday, January 16, 2006

ABC's of Enlightenment


ABC's of Enlightenment 
  (when asked to pray, I wrote this)

Antagonistic Angels , relinquishing anger to anarchy
Bereft of Souls, between worlds, beaten and  broken
Catastrophically   cast into the chasm  of clarity....
 Drifting deeper into degradation 
Every breathe evolves you into

 G-d goes with grace and gives
Hearts that hold him , hope of heavens  home
In  interventions and invention , individually ideal-
 Jury and judge  joined on a  journey to
 Kill your doubts and keep Kindred hearts

 Many men mention meanings , making mistakes
 Noting nothing worth knowing now..
 Omnipressence overpowers
 Prurient power proves a peril.
 Quick questions and quizzical quirks defying

  Sanctity and sacred sentences
from Torah, tomes and tales of times
  Underrated and misunderstoodand useless until
  Visions visit and vex inviting  investigation...

 Xenophile exiled from xanado.
 Yearning to yield to destiny
 beyond a zeniths zone.

Any Day Now

      Any Day Now     (tag poem, edited)


  Inspiration wanes, wrangling  depression
and my  aging aching body complains...
aspirations filter through the mundane
I fear the night times of introspection
In dappled days of sunnier moods I 
wandered aimlessly in euphoria
Moods of late border on hysteria
seems all I ever want to do , is cry.
Well meaning friends all sympathize and pray 
for me and all my  sad situations
hoping for my sanity's salvation
 I tell them I'm okay..
Yesterday seemed much worse to me some how
  Guess my mood will improve, any day