Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Hearing Echoes


 Hearing Echoes  (tag poem)

  Mysterious longings plague me lately,
ad echoes in the corner of my heart
orchestrating harmonies remembered
in long forgotten  corners of my mind;
resonating into every fiber
chilling places I considered dead.
laces once kept warm within a memory
jostled into feeling once again...
Silence now suspended by a humming
droning in the background achingly;
not actually haunting but, prevading
every thing I do and say and see.
omorrow is a feelingI once knew
remnants of the whispers that were you ...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rest Easy



 Rest Easy              (tag poem unedited)

  Work weary and teary eyed, waiting 
for the big break, a slow day, some pay back 
Afraid to  love without hesitating
Tensed and always prepared for the attack... 

Strangling on the words that might do magic
when all else, including prayers have failed.
eighing misery against the tragic-
feeling guilty once  self pity's sailed.

  Karmic incantations make me wary
going round takes years before returning.
reams go up in smoke in easy flurries;
hearts ache before heads have lost  their yearning. 

Rest is for the innocent and carefree
able to close  down and hear their  sighs- 
ot a task so simple for the likes of me...
nightmares wait upon my closing eyes.

So please rest easy when  you have the chance
take your reverie while yet you may,
life is incident and circumstance
tomorrow  rests on easy yesterdays.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Kiss of Bloody Sky

tag poem unedited

Kiss of Bloody Sky


 Wish on the darkest star-
if you dare you can delve very deep
and discover the blackest of galaxies
in the heart of the blackest of holes.
Hold your heart in your hands
swallow fast all your gasps
 there 's no god here to protect you
you're outside of heavens grasp...
 Breathe deep as you tumble away
in directions you cannot reveal
No one tells of excursions like this
No one really believes it is real.
 When the free fall is finished ,you'll find
 that your wish has been granted full well-
 and the kiss of the bloody red sky
 told you more than you hoped it would tell.

Monday, September 5, 2005

Escape the Night

(tag poem, unedited)


 Escape the Night

 Innocence and pretense
 false and true
 shaded eyes , moons disguise
 Moonbeams and drama queens
 shining in the lights
 whispers lost among the screams
 Innuendos and crescendos
 quiet and intense
 waking hopes and nightmares grow
 Daybreak and twilight
 escaping the night 
 dreaming in sunshine..

Monday, August 29, 2005



uncharachteristically....a non tag poem..

In  horizons of your eyes, answers loomed;
as westward sunsets blazoned evening skies
blurring  lines  where earth and heaven divide .
My breaths held long, as heart beats bate, attuned.
That  fluid  image guides me to this place;
a semblance of your face, your unheard sighs,
imploring  me to understand the guise;
assuring I'm forgiven my disgrace.
Your eyes that day, were hurt beyond their tears.
Truth ached as my  lies burned into your mind.
Truth  can be love, and love can be unkind,
 Illuminating lies, don't make them clear.
My words were lost before they grasped the air,
irretrievable  darts that hit their mark
plunging  our light into  sobering dark
that forced me on this road to guilt's despair .
The shadow of your eyes,  say they forgive
me of the sins I offer as my shame.
Though well within your rights to bear disdain;
your tender  gaze allows loves hope to  live.
Our paths are  wound together past control.
Our yesterdays are hidden in our pain .
Your vision  brings me back to you again -
to you , whose eyes alone, can drive my soul.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Workshop Poems

(workshop poem)


Twisted in the blankets of a night mare
Crying without sound for fear of waking sanity
The path of my visions wriggles through tensed veins
stopping at a heart in parataxis...

 If dreams are wishes  of the soul
and wishes  uttered have no chance  to live
How do I hold my urge to scream
when in hold of such a vicious  dream?

Billowy pillows become my bolstered strength
    sweven saved by the buffer of soft embrace

          I'll keep my hopes inside and hold my tongue
to give those dreams the chances to become. 


Gentle Feelings

How the wind can softly lift the petals
without causing damage to the flower
makes the mind reel when in the midst of storms
hungry gusts eat all they can devour
Your eyes speak of sweet promises and yet
there lurks behind their glimmer something fierce
Perhaps it's passion simmering inside,
unless it's something painful left unpeirced.
Some sin unspoken , some illicit mood
simmering there just underneath your calm,
excitement not with love but something else...
a pulsing that at once alarms, and charms..
A gentle heart with gentle feelings waits
where you instead push forward steadily
Will this be love in bloom or devestation?
Are you in passion 's throes...or love with me...?

Dreamsbyday 9.19.04


~~~~The Last Rought Draft~~~

Darwinisms aside...
I can't abide stoicism...
change is good...
change is progress
Cliches abound
take the helm...
bull by the horns...
brand new day...
Sighs escape
as examination
of a life of frustration
aggravates and depresses.
Realization reveals
I have evolved,
I understand perfection
is unattainable.

...but I think I am doing so much better
than my first rough draft.

Dreamsbyday 1/o8/o4

~~~~Flame of Love~~~~

Not starry eyed, these glassy eyes are weary.
No rose colored specks, no romantic teary veils.
No grandstand statements or grandiose lines;
No affectations meant to define,
a feeling not quite felt.
When fires burn within a settled heart,
dispelling myths that seem a part of "true" love,
flickers may flutter and sparks indeed may fly,
but nothing fantastic or visible to the eye will show.
There comes a quiet acceptance , from
the comfort of a smile ,or a gentle touch
or a tender kiss that warms you through...
and stokes the flames not to burst, but last a lifetime,
burning ever new.

Dreamsbyday 1.07.04

~~~A Planned Fall~~~

Hear the clicking of my brain
metered mayhem , measuring madness,
tick- tock , biological clock,
Swinging pendulum ,too close , too close!
Eyes mark , watch the motion
like a friendly ghost, going ,going...
gone into a new dimension,
under an unknown ,too scared to mention.
Undertones of an underworld...
lower ,lower, like a sickening limbo;
how low can you go?...
See the arch of a soul crack
watch that clock suddenly turned back
Harkening to yesterdays chimes...
precarious perilous, pitiful times!
Catch me please, if you have the hands!
None of this, none of it , was the planned
fall of one otherwise competant brain that stopped...
tick ...tock ...

Dreamsbyday 9.25.04


Awesome topic by :EtherealEventide:

~~~ "Delineation of A Bartered Soul" ~~~

True hell is a condition
without detail of destination .
We arrive in a place we never meant to stray
and wither away, from the inside ,out.
Self doubt and sanctity collide
we endure where only the strong survive,& trevail
forgetting the details,the truths
that once stained our innocence and youths.
Recompense for deeds of misery
take us down that path ,and history proves
the stains on your soul, can not be removed.
So a bartered soul drifts towards the gate,
wondering why the wait is e n d l e s s
forgetting that heaven was lost...before they left.

DreamsbyDay 11.16.03

Awesome topic by XEnigmalivesX

~~ Posthumously Yours~~

Dust knows no color no religion, no sex,
covering lies,or obscuring truth...It protects.
In blinding storms it ravishes, and chokes.
it gives us life, then, ruthlessly revokes.
We sweep it out as if to hide our screams.
It's face's form the shattering of dreams.
Dust settles, changing muddy the rain,
salting wounds, blighting truth ,ignoring pain.

Words of my days are scattered in the breeze.
whispered in the winds,on the sighs of the bereaved.
Settling on the sills of souls windows closed
shuttered by the stubborness you chose.
Now the words are otherworldly...
Now the feelings seem your own..
Now the shadows veil your blame, your shame...
Now you hear my pleading soul's refrains?

Ignored before ,why do you heed me now ?
Did you think I'd break your trust ,or disavow
some sad responibility I bore, when
I'd never done an ill to you before ?
Did you need to know I'd be without deceit?
Did you need to know your secrecy complete?
Did you need assurance I'd be without gain?
Did you simply hold me in that much disdain??

Here now,as dust, my raspy voice enthralls
You clearly hear, the words don't rise and fall.
Death equalizes words once held inside
Uttering what my living breath denied.
You listen now, my ghostly voice sounds clear
I don't provoke attack, invoke your fear.
Words come now from some ethereal plain...
Curious- that my words are just the same.

Dreamsbyday 8.17.03

Price Of Liberty

Price of Liberty  ( tag poem, edited)

Beneath that cheerful rainbow colored show
beyond the ashen smoked electric air-
beats the hearts of those who know the truth
brutal , painful ,and dediedely non pastel.

As eyes absorb the spectacle , some sigh,
casting thier glance downwards to hide the tears;
bombarding blasts mimic the sounds of war
sounds they wish they had never heard before...

Heavenly eyes can see the sparks and know-
thier patriotism fuels the awesome show.
While others shake and relive desperate times
do we appreciate their sacrifice?

In bright cascades the anthems dance with stars
obscuring mutilation, pain and scars.
Tomorrow when the smoke has cleared, will we
remember the honest price of liberty?


The Price of Freedom

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Exploding Vision Of Light

Exploding Visions Of Light


DreamsbyDay:  Breaking away
DreamsbyDay:  as reality fades into sweet oblivian
DreamsbyDay:  and fantasy usurps  all reason
DreamsbyDay:  watching the pieces
DreamsbyDay:  of  a  constructive life
DreamsbyDay:  drift out to insanities pools...
DreamsbyDay:  Feeling  ahead
DreamsbyDay:  arms outstrectched in the darkness
DreamsbyDay:  waiting for adjustment that never comes;
DreamsbyDay:  A blind man in a blind land
DreamsbyDay:  pretending he can see.
DreamsbyDay:  Illumination comes
DreamsbyDay:  in exploding visions of light
DreamsbyDay:  but the sudden blast is far too painful
DreamsbyDay:  and the blindness is now
DreamsbyDay:  permanent.
DreamsbyDay:  Cleansing tears and fragments of  prayers
DreamsbyDay:  Seep through your ears, drowning your last
DreamsbyDay:  incoming sense...
DreamsbyDay:  Now you can cry, and not even you,
DreamsbyDay:  can hear.
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  end (unedited tag 5.27.o5)

Friday, July 8, 2005

Attitudes of Grace

tag poem unedited


oddgreencrescent: topic......"Attitudes Of Grace"

DreamsbyDay: Possibilities and dreams, carry me
through yesterdays that bottomed out .
Mysteries and miracles mixed
promising something wonderful ...someday.
Innuendos and allusions, skirted past me
darting glances into my naivete...oddly
irking me into wishing ..I was older..wiser...
Seasons  whisk around me , not as challenges
but acceptances...rustling leaves and snowflakes
bearing equal weight upon my world.
And so the layers  rest upon my shoulders in the cold
and slowly peel away as warmth returns....I've learned
There are the things in life you can't control
and attitudes of grace grow with your soul...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hurry Up and do it NOW!


APoetWithin: Topic:  Hurry up and do it NOW!

DreamsbyDay: Hurry up, and do it now
before I take the time to think
Before I realize your smile
speaks ill of your intentions.
Charge right in and take control
don't give me time to pause and muse
Don't let me peel the layers back
and smell the parts I'd rather not..
Take the reigns and ride that wave
infatuation's fanatsy
will carry you for quite a while
before reality seeps in
Go ahead and break my heart-
Some how the pain helps me to know
I'm still a creature of desire
Until I burn in passions fire.
DreamsbyDay: end

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Trio of Poems

Three poems written the night of 10.8.04 in a Poetry Tag Group room



 Memories Passed  (extended Haiku)

 Was it ever Spring?
he petals opened and fell
before I noticed.
Did you say goodbye?
I turned around to kiss you
 and inhaled your scent.
Was yesterday here
while I lingered in the past
 musing tomorrows?



Absolute Silence  (free verse)

 Nothing  you said actually made sense
the language was familiar and the tone unabrasive

 yet it slid past me,
like a lazy breeze  on a perfect  day...
 My hearing is fine, my cognitive skills are normal...
something else is wrong....or, maybe not...

 Occurs to me.....In the house around  the corner 
    they play acid rock all day, which I dislike, and so.... I tune it out
It's a survival skill.
et some times  I wonder if the lyrics aren't embedded, somewhere deep,
 etched in my brain,
waiting to scream out at any unsuspecting person,
 who should unluckily annoy me...

 Once ,long ago I read   that Mozart has a certain effect,
     on sleeping patterns, creativity and studying ability, 
I can believe this.
God only knows ,the moment you speak, I'm in a trance.
  If I listened, to what  you actually said, I'd gag..
So I suppose, I actually don't hear you .
  My defenses are well honed....

  Yes, I'm a survivior ....without an island...
      no competition,
and absolutley no million dollar prize.
 And that's fine.
 We sink, or swim.
I drown out your  din, and a world of disorder, hoping it doesn't seep in...
I concentrate on what matters most, and try to listen
 to the 
absolute silence of my soul.



   My Hearts Done Time

      Looks deceive and
      innocence is lost
      despite shining eyes.
      Pain can exist
      despite soothing climes ..
Lust is not always affliction.
Tears can scar
in  hidden places.
      Eyes will never see
the aching  traces . 
oves' ecstasy 
sears into the veins
      and trust, is  left lurking afar...

      Watch your step.
      Don't follow shallow 
      prints along my spine
y backs not broken but
      my hearts done time
I'm working on a barefoot grin
      and beginning again.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Remember Your Chains

tag poem,unedited

Remember Your Chains

Treading water is  a tiresome chore
So much easier to head for shore
Bask in the sands
take in the sun
relax and rest until day is done.

Running in place, is a futile task
getting no where- no where, fast
makes weary minds
makes broken spirit
We run from truth, because we fear it...
Weighing you down , remember your chains
they give you your reasons to complain
excuses to fail
reasons to fall
misery loves company after all...
Burdensare life, freedom is lies
heaven is hell, and faith just denies
the truth in the pain
the pain in the trust
no answers at all, no judgement seems just.
Trudge on along and pretend you don't care
keep running in place
you're almost there.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Spiderweb Nightmares

tag poem, unedited


       Spider Web NightMares


Oh what tangled  web we weave
of misbegotten make believe
images tossed in a mental sieve
colliding in mayhem in our dreams....
        Silken strands of senseless feeling
meant to tease and seem appealing
 whirling, breaking, aching, reeling
 pieces of life we try concealing
         Wake me before I die inside
this nightmare  brain where fear resides
 memories break and hopes divide
 here in this demon infested side...
         Oh what a daybreak is the dawn
 when we escape the devils spawn!
 Under my power all along
 no recollection, the pains too strong...
      So stings the pain of the spiderous dream
      in a land where nothing's as it seems...

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Shades in the Sunlight

   tag poem unedited

  Shades In The Sunlight 

  Petals on the water, softly drifting
remnants of a bouquet , ruthlessly tossed
coloring the ripples bright , bright  crimson
  staining as the blood from a heart's love lost

  Underneath the currents , something bleeding
  changing in the shadows, as they drift by
  like a premonition left unheeded

  shades like a reminiscent lullaby...

  Lingering  colors in the afternoon

  Shades in the sunlight ,darken and change it
truth in the sunshine, lies  beneath the moon
  Love turns to  pain in an instant... 

  Petals falling  faster than my tears
Heartbreak before evening disappears

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not Even in My Fantasies


    tag poem, unedited, topic by Mundane1


   Indelibly etched,
   images of your face smile back at me,
   a phantom vision
   of memories,forever catalogued...
   Barely audible
   your voice speaks  softly through the barriers,
   Reminding  me,please,
   to listen to the truths between the lies...
   So formidable
   I was always  powerless against you
   ever succumbing 
   to the whim and whimsey of your wishes.
   Ecstasy waited
   til you'd passed like a fiery comet
   I, left quivering,
   worried...not even in my fantasies,
   would I touch the sun
   but be satisfied to peer carefully
   through the  proper shades
   that would also hide, disappointed tears.

  .Dreamsbyday 2/10/05


Monday, February 7, 2005

Sunshine of an Ordinary Day

    tag poem, unedited, topic by  GiAudr

  Evenings pass so slowly
when   winter owns the days...
frosted windows and feelings
howling winds...
I feel the urge to sleep
the moment  darkness falls...
to sleep ,and escape
  and hope
to visit  dreams

  Crumbs of yesterdays thoughts
clinging to my sticky hands.
aint chips on the table
waiting choice....
  Orange juice and rainbows

  a childlike war on gray-
recreating the sweet sunshine
of an ordinary day.

Clutter piles upon the shelving
while I wait for it to fall.
Linens badly needing washing
crumpled by the wall...
and the night arrives again-
still the walls are shadowed dark.
My  inertia is my path
winter, my excuse.


Thursday, January 27, 2005


tag poem ,unedited, topic by Waj464


Waj464: Dreams with  Partitions

DreamsbyDay: imaginary  parameters
DreamsbyDay: the line drawn in the air
DreamsbyDay: you shall not cross
DreamsbyDay: as if you care
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: legendary  insanity
DreamsbyDay: waving about as if I'm
DreamsbyDay: swatting a fly
DreamsbyDay: all the time...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Incendiary vision
DreamsbyDay: behold my irritation
DreamsbyDay: at the sight of you
DreamsbyDay: instant cremation....
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: temporary partition
DreamsbyDay: around my soul and  heart
DreamsbyDay: removable upon your death
DreamsbyDay: is that harsh?
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: end

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ice Dreams

tag poem, unedited ,topic by unknown,12.30.04


DreamsbyDay: Fragile
DreamsbyDay: like the wisps of your breath on a barely cold day
DreamsbyDay: I struggle to hold to on to the idea
DreamsbyDay: of tomorrows forever within your heart
DreamsbyDay: Hopeless
DreamsbyDay: as the spinnings of a spider accross a revolving door
DreamsbyDay: I dizzy as I spin  searching for a focal point
DreamsbyDay: Freezing
DreamsbyDay: my aching  hands reach out to touch your face
DreamsbyDay: I'm frozen in mid-air beyond you
DreamsbyDay: Dreaming
DreamsbyDay: holds no warmth in constant disappointment
DreamsbyDay: I cannot crack the surface of these  ice dreams
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: end

Elementary Days

 a tag poem ,edited, topic by unknown

 So many millions and billions of stars
 charting a course through a vast galaxy....
 Wisps in the wind, or specks in the cosmos
 what consequence have we, in this grand scheme?
 In younger days wandering childhood visions
 I searched  my world  to find personal truths-
 considered my being of  great importance-
 a doltish   non manifestable dream.
 On the tiniest level we're a part
 of more than we can ever  understand
 comprehending  in elementary ways
 what  complicated  hearts can hope to glean.
 How far past simple understanding can we learn
 when nothing but the stars can transe the sky?
 Some answers we are given at our birth
 Death must hold other answers unexplained.


Saturday, January 8, 2005


       Tag poem unedited, topic by BeeBoxr 12.19.04

DreamsbyDay: Why come to me and tell me, You're in love?
DreamsbyDay: There's nothing of my temperament you know

DreamsbyDay: you touch a hand as cold as any glove
expecting warmth from nothingness to grow
In every face there is a hint of pain
your smile reveals more than you care to tell
your protests to the contrary in vain
True love means, understanding all too well
DreamsbyDay: the obvious conclusion ,isn't clear

DreamsbyDay: this puzzle lies in century's of games
DreamsbyDay: don't waste my time with sentiments of cheer
we've barely yet acknowledged other's name...
So love arrives again you say, well, think
before you taste more poison, know your drink.