Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Flying High

     Tag Poem , unedited. Topic by Waj 464

  Treading water now in puddles
jumping  up into the gutter
-are you comfy there  in your despair?
ifling  through your empty pockets 
sadly locked into your struggle
gibberish your constant mutterings;
tell me , should I really care?
tifling to be at the bottom,
sad, forgotten , in a muddle...
oh forgive me, am I stuttering 
when I say , I think it's f fair?
really isn't  tough to riddle...
n the middle of your swift climb
to the top while flying high
you kicked a lot of dust around...
Watching you now ,gives me  pleasure, 
payback measured in your  eyes.
o I'm not vindictive, but
for you-
I'll make a  compromise.



©dreamsbyday 11.30.04


Monday, November 29, 2004

Autumn Breezes Through

Workshop poem, edited

   Autumn Breezes Through    

  Those sighs, that haunt my days and warm my nights
  drift with the breezes as they pass the eaves,
  settling  upon  the daffodils in spring,
  or nestling  softly on the autumn  leaves.

  In sultry summer songs you sang  in sync
  with every moonlit crickets noisy trill.
  In winters cold you could ignite a flame
  by simply holding close , as lovers will.

  Each season had it's moment in your grasp- 
  each  spring or  summer breeze, or winters gale,
  but when  the autumn leaves begin their dance ,
  my soul longs for the warmth of your sweet kiss.

  Each  autumn breezes through reminding me
  how much I miss your tender company .


  ©Dreamsbyday 11.2004

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Twin Hearts

tag poem, edited ,topic by Poetrealm


 Notes, new but creased , read  again and again
 each word caressed and  whispered through her lips;
 Pure lonliness in abscence of his kiss
 Writings of the heart from a loving pen..
 Nuances only she can understand
 references to places otherwise unknown 
 protraits of a seed  now overgrown
 tracings the lines he touched  upon her hand...
  Feeling touches that she should not feel
  hearing voices out of hearings reach
  knowing secrets he had not to teach
  fantasies that some how seem too real...
  Twin hearts race towards ecstasy in tandem
  knowing fate does nothing, that is random.



 The Lovers © rene magritte

Sunday, November 21, 2004

You Just Don't Get It

 tag poem, unedited .Topic by Budsilver


 Beneath a cloudy cover
 of unclear words and unsure feelings
 you clamor for  warmth,
 digging holes
 finding stumps
 frustrating yourself.
 Dodging raindrops when
 the shower would refresh,
 you  stand beneath trees
 fearing thunder,
 watching the lightening
 holding your ears....
 Moon beams break your reverie,
 distract you from your
 star wishing coma;
 hating the crickets
 noisy fiends that once
 you thought a charm...
 So smiles surprise you
 as tears go by you unacknowledged
 and when you wake on that last day
 and curse your lot and wonder why
 nothing went your way....
 the clouds will still be rolling by
 and so will I

Saturday, November 20, 2004

In the Shadows

Puddles in the shadows,

always catch you by surprise

suddenly you're ankle deep,

and  muddy water's seeping

 into your shoes...

When I said "yes", to your requests,

 I thought it was  a safe remark ,

Now,I feel like you're a puddle...

 in a rainstorm, in the dark....

Words Written & Why

We settle in rooms, where we watch and wait

for the idiots to float to the top

for the  lunatic haze to dissipate.

If I am what I seem, I can't trust you ;

The fact that  I do means I must be  mad.

Sanity's  fleeting, and intellect impossible to measure accurately.

If I'm verbose I tell too much and fail.

If I'm articulate  and erudite I evoke  fear  and inadequacy.

If you bare your soul to me, you're a fool-

withhold your feelings and be considered...

devious, secretive, untrustworthy.

Yet you are not confused, you understand.

You  sit there reading  countless, useless words

Ever unsure of whether to post yours....

And would it matter anyway?


©Dreamsbyday 11.20.04

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My Little Boy in Pain

   Painting : Mother and Child #33 ©Carol Aust, 2003


      Cracked and weakened,
the voice of a child
peaked through the teenage facade:
    " Mommy, come get me..."

     Pain  a reality unreal to a boy,
     invincible in his own mind, 

caught in the crux of misery, blinding...
     "Mommy, come help me.".

      Yesterday's of do it yourself
and unbridled independence
slide into oblivion in one sentence:
     "Mommy , it hurts"

      A loving hand works wonders 
      to alleviate the worry
      while ignoring the tears
I must not see...
      "Mommy, is it broken?"

      All his life, will ever be the same...
      one instant grown, another
young again, 
to my "little boy", in pain
      I'll forever be "Mommy".


Monday, November 15, 2004


Deadly sins commited in the past
return to  haunt this frail  short  lifetime.
In anima , the broodings  linger, warm
waiting to fester a pure uncertain heart.
Sensitive to something I can't control
pain attacks and burrows deep its talons,
some bird of prey that claws me from within
scraping my soul from the inside, out.
Each generation feels the tendency
and knows the fears, despite not knowing why..

These germs of hate are watered with our tears
we fight them off until the day we die..


Soon to See the Reality

Sweet twilight skies and sad goodbyes fly by-
our hearts beat fast, as if the last kiss vanished
in fantasies . In mundane days that follow
details can be twisted into sad recall...
what was the last word that you spoke to me?
How many fingers did we twine together
before the clock struck and our time was done?
How many days til I touch you again?
In scattered fragments pieces of you stay
long after you 've forgotten all the words.
In softest light we hope to find the truth
when we know brilliance brings true clarity.
We try too soon to glimpse reality
before we understand each other well.
A universe it's own, "reality"
has layers best unraveled as we go...
so tell me what I need to know today.
Be truthful , yes, but keep some things inside.
Gradually, we'll learn what we cant hide


©Dreamsbyday  10. 2004

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Withering Hours

                              Withering Hours

DreamsbyDay: Half breathed promises
DreamsbyDay: Broken  barely past their being spoken
DreamsbyDay: Teetering  suspiciouly  on the brink...
DreamsbyDay: Chains of lies fall ,while you think , of excuses
DreamsbyDay: Occupied by tasks of daily need
DreamsbyDay: the moments blur at dizzying 
speed...til soon
DreamsbyDay: hints of grey speckle my hair.
DreamsbyDay: Forgotten oathes and pacts impair
DreamsbyDay: my ability to say...I care....
DreamsbyDay: dwindling hopes, withering hours
DreamsbyDay: life's defeats...
DreamsbyDay: devour dreams.
DreamsbyDay: .

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