Wednesday, August 16, 2006


 Secret                                 (tag poem, edited)

  Such sadness in those eyes
  so serious, so solemn
  As if a secret waited
  that would escape as a tear...

  One solitary sigh
  escapes  and breathes, so softly.
  The warmth of an errant word
  you dare not whisper aloud.
  Shackled by  that promise
  spoken  hastily  to please;
  swarming in the wrecklessness
  of a well intentioned deed...
  Silent words mouthed, barely
  to a pale unhearing sky-
  sweet release, from agony
  of an aching, bursting heart.


1 comment:

irishpoet511 said...

The lips of life sucking the death out of me . Bringing me closer once again to finding all which I have left behind . The pitiful embrace of those who are lost to them selves and all who are captive by them . To be so locked into the blurring image of the past and creeping into the bleak present , to only find that all which one thought  was is not to be what one would hope all to be .