Saturday, April 16, 2011

Absolute Silence of My Soul

Absolute Silence Of My Soul

Nothing you say makes any sense to me.
The language is familiar, and the tone
nonabrasive, yet somehow...words escape.
My hearing is fine, as far as I know.

My cognitive skills are normal...and yet
sentences seem to slide smoothly past me,
butterfly breezes on a perfect day.
Something is wrong....or, perhaps, maybe not...

In the house around the corner, the man
plays AC DC while doing yard work.
Acid rock and heavy metal a l l d a y,
which I dislike, and so.... I tune it out.

It's a survival skill...ignoring pain.

I wonder if those screaming lyrics are
embedded, somewhere deep inside my brain
awaiting a poor unsuspecting soul,
who should unluckily aggravate me...

I'd heard Mozart has a certain effect,
on sleeping patterns, creativity,
heart rates, and studying ability,
An innate musical sensitivity.

God only knows -you speak- I'm in a trance.

If I listened to your actual words
I'd likely be out of my mind, by now.
I suppose, I actually don't hear you .
My personal defenses are well honed...

Your inane chatter, never mattered.
Who can say where insanity begins..?
I drowned out your din, your world of disorder,
hoping it wouldn't seep in...too deeply.

I'm struggling past your noise, attempting to
hear the absolute silence of my soul.

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