Friday, July 15, 2011

Rainbow Trail


Intellect and artifact combine,
a divine derelict; memories
mysteries, comedies, tragedies,
cramped with crowded sensibility.
Psychedelic interpretations
of deluded well intentioned plans
clandestine imps pouncing with odd grins.

Such are the waking dreams of my nights-
taking control of realities,
breaking all the dimensional plains
into indiscernible frights.
Ramblings of psychotic familiars
race to mind as jumbled confessions.
All my transgressions merge in their eyes.

Yet, wakening arrives, and I rise.

Their eyes remain in utopia.
Each labored word and breath ignorant
of the dystopia within them.
Hands groping at brilliant rainbow trails
deceived eyes perceive as elegance;
visions further veering them to hell.

©Denise-Marie Fisher 6.2011

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