Saturday, December 11, 2004


Tag Poem, unedited, topic by Bonitagringuita

DreamsbyDay: Thought the weather would hold out,
DreamsbyDay: frozen on the corner waiting,
DreamsbyDay: without the gloves and scarf I needed
DreamsbyDay: without you to warm me up
DreamsbyDay: last time you saw me it was spring
DreamsbyDay: the daffodils covered  the  side yards
DreamsbyDay: there used to be a see saw there , long ago,
DreamsbyDay: Why do I feel so old?
DreamsbyDay: Feelings are a funny thing,
DreamsbyDay: why can't I laugh any more?
DreamsbyDay: you laughed at the sight of those daffodils
DreamsbyDay: recalling that the lawn looked freckled
DreamsbyDay: you freckled in the sun and I thought it was sexy...
DreamsbyDay: you maintained, I wasn't your type
DreamsbyDay: I wrote to you several times, typed and stamped and sent...
DreamsbyDay: man , it's freezing here ,
DreamsbyDay: and the mailbox remains empty
DreamsbyDay: and my mind keeps wandering
DreamsbyDay: to warmer times.
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .end

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