Saturday, December 11, 2004

You Make Me See

Tag poem, unedited, topic by Ragespiral  11.17.04

RageSpiral: tag to denise...topic: you make me see

DreamsbyDay: Crooked smiles  don't entice me anymore
DreamsbyDay: Slight of hand annoys me , like a cheap trick
DreamsbyDay: Grandious affectations, bore me
DreamsbyDay: Overbearing attitudes, make me sick
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Once upon a time dreams of any girl
DreamsbyDay: usually revolve  around a prince
DreamsbyDay: mystical enchantment whirling you round...
DreamsbyDay: I grew up fast, and havent fallen since
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Catty chatty  girlfriends wield their weapons
DreamsbyDay: flaunting  homes   and furs ,fast  cars & fancy rings
DreamsbyDay: I don't ask them to confess their sins
DreamsbyDay: I don't envy them their empty things
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: If you can make me see the world brand new
DreamsbyDay: or listen to my plans , and understand
DreamsbyDay: Perhaps  there's room to walk a while with you
DreamsbyDay: But do not drag me, only hold my hand...
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: Smile gently and don't overdue the chore
DreamsbyDay: there's nothing in the script that says you must
DreamsbyDay: . reveal your open hand and hide no more...
DreamsbyDay: all  that I ever want , I'll have , with trust.
DreamsbyDay: end

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