Sunday, January 16, 2005

Elementary Days

 a tag poem ,edited, topic by unknown

 So many millions and billions of stars
 charting a course through a vast galaxy....
 Wisps in the wind, or specks in the cosmos
 what consequence have we, in this grand scheme?
 In younger days wandering childhood visions
 I searched  my world  to find personal truths-
 considered my being of  great importance-
 a doltish   non manifestable dream.
 On the tiniest level we're a part
 of more than we can ever  understand
 comprehending  in elementary ways
 what  complicated  hearts can hope to glean.
 How far past simple understanding can we learn
 when nothing but the stars can transe the sky?
 Some answers we are given at our birth
 Death must hold other answers unexplained.


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