Sunday, January 16, 2005

Ice Dreams

tag poem, unedited ,topic by unknown,12.30.04


DreamsbyDay: Fragile
DreamsbyDay: like the wisps of your breath on a barely cold day
DreamsbyDay: I struggle to hold to on to the idea
DreamsbyDay: of tomorrows forever within your heart
DreamsbyDay: Hopeless
DreamsbyDay: as the spinnings of a spider accross a revolving door
DreamsbyDay: I dizzy as I spin  searching for a focal point
DreamsbyDay: Freezing
DreamsbyDay: my aching  hands reach out to touch your face
DreamsbyDay: I'm frozen in mid-air beyond you
DreamsbyDay: Dreaming
DreamsbyDay: holds no warmth in constant disappointment
DreamsbyDay: I cannot crack the surface of these  ice dreams
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: .
DreamsbyDay: end

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