Monday, May 16, 2005

Remember Your Chains

tag poem,unedited

Remember Your Chains

Treading water is  a tiresome chore
So much easier to head for shore
Bask in the sands
take in the sun
relax and rest until day is done.

Running in place, is a futile task
getting no where- no where, fast
makes weary minds
makes broken spirit
We run from truth, because we fear it...
Weighing you down , remember your chains
they give you your reasons to complain
excuses to fail
reasons to fall
misery loves company after all...
Burdensare life, freedom is lies
heaven is hell, and faith just denies
the truth in the pain
the pain in the trust
no answers at all, no judgement seems just.
Trudge on along and pretend you don't care
keep running in place
you're almost there.

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