Sunday, March 19, 2006

Inner Demons

Inner Demons               ( edited tag poem)

 Walking  beside myself,
 shadow  and form -as one.
aiting upon   sunset
feeling the chilling come.
 clenching my hands up tight,

 night ...and night ,after night ...
Longings that mystify,
 taunting  satisfaction.

 Drunk without partaking 
of any libation.
Forever trapped in flight..
night ...and night , after night ...
aradox . Sanctity.
 Purely sweet evil.
 So sacred. Unholy.
 What pain these eyes conceal
 with each taste of delight,
 night ...and night , after night ...

  Walk in my shadow; dare!
  Please take deliberate  steps.

  Don't join me unaware.
  Do what your souls suspects.
  Offer me your invite...
  night ...and night , after night ...

 Secret creature of need-
 Craving  intimacy.
 A  perfect demon seed , 
 adoring treachery.
 Enjoy  your tragic sight

 night ...and night , after night ...

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