Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lacey Pink Stockings

Lacey Pink Stockings

Weird that my mind is thinking about clothes...
How often do I sit and examine things as those?
A door bell chimes or a telephone tones ,
I'm suddenly thrown out of pensive mode..
… sorting , ‘sorta lost …

Ahh, but these lingering odd thoughts…
variations of memories wrought

by sunlit garments , wind caught…
Seems my line is no different, than others.

So ordinary.

Stark white flags, Egyptian cotton sheets, tease…
There’s more black here, than most, to catch the breeze..

Flapping to a windswept melody,

The pieces unaware of what they sing

Across the fence.

Why so much black ? Do I lack of color sense?
Perhaps a statement of morose pretense?
Never knew I was quite so dark. None the less...
There’s nothing frill , mostly working duds-
cleaned with simple suds .

A dab of spot remover, a little bleach...
All said and done, what does laundry teach ?

Is something bright so far outside my reach?
Some lively color, might be overdue…
Like lacey pink stockings…

©Denise~Marie aka Dreamsbyday

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