Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life's Energies

    topic by GaerLlwyd 
  Following a path of sweet redemption
  through the broken gravel, thorns, and rocks
  begging for a bit of God's attention,
  wondering if omnipotence, forgot...
  Pushing through the pain of life's misery
  as if tomorrow, were a brand new day
  Strength and sinew  fighting would be weary
  obstinence the key to holding bay..
  Ask me if it hurts to be unrested...
  to be forever in the working mode..?
  What is life, if it is not soul tested?
  Is it just a race to growing old?
  Life's energies are best spent in our deeds
  Life's ending without marks, is death, indeed..
 ©Dreamsbyday  / Denise~Marie
  Runner Up-Tag poet of the Week, April 06

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