Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dreams By Day

Dreams By Day

In restless nights I wander nightmares’ edge
while wishing weariness would wage it's will.
Each morning hears me make another pledge
to dispatch heartaches where they've hurt their fill.

Half wakened through the day, I trudge on through
until my hands won't hold a task in grasp.
I'd blink back tired thoughts, exhaustion grew…
I'd gasp for rest, like reaching for an asp!

The day dreams come, and smooth the pain aside.
The gaze of mesmerizing wishes fall.
I take my tiredness and push full stride
past all the sleepless nights I can recall .

Ah but those dreams by day are such respite
from all the nightmares mundane to my nights!

Written in a Poetry Tag Group room 2009. Unedited.

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