Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Series of Boxes

A Series of Boxes

Bits and pieces, a whole lifetime, jumbled
in a series of boxes, aptly labeled.
Safe in compartments: decisions, choices;
echoes of heart, and familiar, odd voices.
Discarded moments, some cast easily
others more tender stuff of memories,
tougher to relinquish offhandedly.
Cardboard and me, share commonality:
Strong but easy to fold, done precisely.
Crumpled lately, my strengths evading me,
trapped by a talented origamist;
folds upon folds, altered my existence.
Holding capacity wholly transformed
'til all contents overflowed, unrestrained.

Divided, not conquered, embraceable bits
of a life and a love, and it's consequences
now simplifications - trapped in extremes;
justification: an ends to a means.
Staggering stacks bursting tight at the seams,
locked away links to a past now outgrown.
One last box waiting- marked simply: unknown.

©Denise-Marie Fisher 12.15.09

Edited from an improvisational poem done in Poetry Tag Group Photo Topic Acknowledgement : Phillip

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