Thursday, February 10, 2005

Not Even in My Fantasies


    tag poem, unedited, topic by Mundane1


   Indelibly etched,
   images of your face smile back at me,
   a phantom vision
   of memories,forever catalogued...
   Barely audible
   your voice speaks  softly through the barriers,
   Reminding  me,please,
   to listen to the truths between the lies...
   So formidable
   I was always  powerless against you
   ever succumbing 
   to the whim and whimsey of your wishes.
   Ecstasy waited
   til you'd passed like a fiery comet
   I, left quivering,
   worried...not even in my fantasies,
   would I touch the sun
   but be satisfied to peer carefully
   through the  proper shades
   that would also hide, disappointed tears.

  .Dreamsbyday 2/10/05


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