Saturday, February 19, 2005

Shades in the Sunlight

   tag poem unedited

  Shades In The Sunlight 

  Petals on the water, softly drifting
remnants of a bouquet , ruthlessly tossed
coloring the ripples bright , bright  crimson
  staining as the blood from a heart's love lost

  Underneath the currents , something bleeding
  changing in the shadows, as they drift by
  like a premonition left unheeded

  shades like a reminiscent lullaby...

  Lingering  colors in the afternoon

  Shades in the sunlight ,darken and change it
truth in the sunshine, lies  beneath the moon
  Love turns to  pain in an instant... 

  Petals falling  faster than my tears
Heartbreak before evening disappears

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