Monday, February 7, 2005

Sunshine of an Ordinary Day

    tag poem, unedited, topic by  GiAudr

  Evenings pass so slowly
when   winter owns the days...
frosted windows and feelings
howling winds...
I feel the urge to sleep
the moment  darkness falls...
to sleep ,and escape
  and hope
to visit  dreams

  Crumbs of yesterdays thoughts
clinging to my sticky hands.
aint chips on the table
waiting choice....
  Orange juice and rainbows

  a childlike war on gray-
recreating the sweet sunshine
of an ordinary day.

Clutter piles upon the shelving
while I wait for it to fall.
Linens badly needing washing
crumpled by the wall...
and the night arrives again-
still the walls are shadowed dark.
My  inertia is my path
winter, my excuse.


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