Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Exploding Vision Of Light

Exploding Visions Of Light


DreamsbyDay:  Breaking away
DreamsbyDay:  as reality fades into sweet oblivian
DreamsbyDay:  and fantasy usurps  all reason
DreamsbyDay:  watching the pieces
DreamsbyDay:  of  a  constructive life
DreamsbyDay:  drift out to insanities pools...
DreamsbyDay:  Feeling  ahead
DreamsbyDay:  arms outstrectched in the darkness
DreamsbyDay:  waiting for adjustment that never comes;
DreamsbyDay:  A blind man in a blind land
DreamsbyDay:  pretending he can see.
DreamsbyDay:  Illumination comes
DreamsbyDay:  in exploding visions of light
DreamsbyDay:  but the sudden blast is far too painful
DreamsbyDay:  and the blindness is now
DreamsbyDay:  permanent.
DreamsbyDay:  Cleansing tears and fragments of  prayers
DreamsbyDay:  Seep through your ears, drowning your last
DreamsbyDay:  incoming sense...
DreamsbyDay:  Now you can cry, and not even you,
DreamsbyDay:  can hear.
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  .
DreamsbyDay:  end (unedited tag 5.27.o5)

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