Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Price Of Liberty

Price of Liberty  ( tag poem, edited)

Beneath that cheerful rainbow colored show
beyond the ashen smoked electric air-
beats the hearts of those who know the truth
brutal , painful ,and dediedely non pastel.

As eyes absorb the spectacle , some sigh,
casting thier glance downwards to hide the tears;
bombarding blasts mimic the sounds of war
sounds they wish they had never heard before...

Heavenly eyes can see the sparks and know-
thier patriotism fuels the awesome show.
While others shake and relive desperate times
do we appreciate their sacrifice?

In bright cascades the anthems dance with stars
obscuring mutilation, pain and scars.
Tomorrow when the smoke has cleared, will we
remember the honest price of liberty?


The Price of Freedom

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