Monday, August 29, 2005



uncharachteristically....a non tag poem..

In  horizons of your eyes, answers loomed;
as westward sunsets blazoned evening skies
blurring  lines  where earth and heaven divide .
My breaths held long, as heart beats bate, attuned.
That  fluid  image guides me to this place;
a semblance of your face, your unheard sighs,
imploring  me to understand the guise;
assuring I'm forgiven my disgrace.
Your eyes that day, were hurt beyond their tears.
Truth ached as my  lies burned into your mind.
Truth  can be love, and love can be unkind,
 Illuminating lies, don't make them clear.
My words were lost before they grasped the air,
irretrievable  darts that hit their mark
plunging  our light into  sobering dark
that forced me on this road to guilt's despair .
The shadow of your eyes,  say they forgive
me of the sins I offer as my shame.
Though well within your rights to bear disdain;
your tender  gaze allows loves hope to  live.
Our paths are  wound together past control.
Our yesterdays are hidden in our pain .
Your vision  brings me back to you again -
to you , whose eyes alone, can drive my soul.

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