Wednesday, November 17, 2004

My Little Boy in Pain

   Painting : Mother and Child #33 ©Carol Aust, 2003


      Cracked and weakened,
the voice of a child
peaked through the teenage facade:
    " Mommy, come get me..."

     Pain  a reality unreal to a boy,
     invincible in his own mind, 

caught in the crux of misery, blinding...
     "Mommy, come help me.".

      Yesterday's of do it yourself
and unbridled independence
slide into oblivion in one sentence:
     "Mommy , it hurts"

      A loving hand works wonders 
      to alleviate the worry
      while ignoring the tears
I must not see...
      "Mommy, is it broken?"

      All his life, will ever be the same...
      one instant grown, another
young again, 
to my "little boy", in pain
      I'll forever be "Mommy".


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