Sunday, November 21, 2004

You Just Don't Get It

 tag poem, unedited .Topic by Budsilver


 Beneath a cloudy cover
 of unclear words and unsure feelings
 you clamor for  warmth,
 digging holes
 finding stumps
 frustrating yourself.
 Dodging raindrops when
 the shower would refresh,
 you  stand beneath trees
 fearing thunder,
 watching the lightening
 holding your ears....
 Moon beams break your reverie,
 distract you from your
 star wishing coma;
 hating the crickets
 noisy fiends that once
 you thought a charm...
 So smiles surprise you
 as tears go by you unacknowledged
 and when you wake on that last day
 and curse your lot and wonder why
 nothing went your way....
 the clouds will still be rolling by
 and so will I

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