Saturday, November 20, 2004

Words Written & Why

We settle in rooms, where we watch and wait

for the idiots to float to the top

for the  lunatic haze to dissipate.

If I am what I seem, I can't trust you ;

The fact that  I do means I must be  mad.

Sanity's  fleeting, and intellect impossible to measure accurately.

If I'm verbose I tell too much and fail.

If I'm articulate  and erudite I evoke  fear  and inadequacy.

If you bare your soul to me, you're a fool-

withhold your feelings and be considered...

devious, secretive, untrustworthy.

Yet you are not confused, you understand.

You  sit there reading  countless, useless words

Ever unsure of whether to post yours....

And would it matter anyway?


©Dreamsbyday 11.20.04

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