Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Flying High

     Tag Poem , unedited. Topic by Waj 464

  Treading water now in puddles
jumping  up into the gutter
-are you comfy there  in your despair?
ifling  through your empty pockets 
sadly locked into your struggle
gibberish your constant mutterings;
tell me , should I really care?
tifling to be at the bottom,
sad, forgotten , in a muddle...
oh forgive me, am I stuttering 
when I say , I think it's f fair?
really isn't  tough to riddle...
n the middle of your swift climb
to the top while flying high
you kicked a lot of dust around...
Watching you now ,gives me  pleasure, 
payback measured in your  eyes.
o I'm not vindictive, but
for you-
I'll make a  compromise.



©dreamsbyday 11.30.04


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