Monday, November 29, 2004

Autumn Breezes Through

Workshop poem, edited

   Autumn Breezes Through    

  Those sighs, that haunt my days and warm my nights
  drift with the breezes as they pass the eaves,
  settling  upon  the daffodils in spring,
  or nestling  softly on the autumn  leaves.

  In sultry summer songs you sang  in sync
  with every moonlit crickets noisy trill.
  In winters cold you could ignite a flame
  by simply holding close , as lovers will.

  Each season had it's moment in your grasp- 
  each  spring or  summer breeze, or winters gale,
  but when  the autumn leaves begin their dance ,
  my soul longs for the warmth of your sweet kiss.

  Each  autumn breezes through reminding me
  how much I miss your tender company .


  ©Dreamsbyday 11.2004

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